Kittens and summer envy

Not being in Norway has worked out fine. But I do suffer from a little summer envy. Not for Bergen, though. But my brother has settled quite nicely on a farm in Buskerud, where he lives with his partner and pets and farm animals. Look at those amazingly beautiful kittens. *sigh*

Change ALL the things!

Thank you, dear reader, for bearing with me. It has been a long time, and maybe you have been so kind to let this feed remain in your feed reader. And: Hello to all you bots.

Yes, the last year has brought lots of changes for me. I relocated to Germany, started a new job as a PR writer at a software company in Berlin. And now, only a few months later I moved again! This time to Hannover, where I get to be a journalist *and* a techie at the same time. Happy, happy!

Well. Sadly, I had to leave one of my pet projects behind. But I hope, the good people in the HackBergen group will continue their journey towards creating a hackerspace. I still think this city need one.

While I was sad to leave the good views and great co-workers of Bergen, I look forward to not having to think so hard about the language I am working in. As a native German speaker, I find this very relaxing.

I will be back, on vacations and visits, so don’t fret, Norway.

So long, and (needless to say:) thanks for all the fish.

WordPress plugin: Doctor Who quotes

I adapted the “Hello Dolly” plugin by Matt Mullenweg, filled it with Doctor Who quotes and changed the CSS a bit. No big deal, but if you always wanted to have Doctor Who (the tv series by BBC) quotes in red letters on your WordPress dashboard, you can grab the plugin on github. I have not submitted it to the WordPress repository, because I feel like the code is not original enough, and everybody can put different quotes into a ready made plugin. But if you like the same sayings that I do, it might save you the trouble to go through the wikiquotes section.

It was the sign up task for the WordPress development class at peer-to-peer university I so successfully dropped out of. (I am still studying computer science at the University of Bergen, though.)